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With strong belief that the only option to eradicate the unemployment from India and economic development of the youth is by technical education and industrial training through skill development initiative, ASSOCHAM India is organizing the “Skill India Summit: Skilling India for Global Opportunities” on 17th November, 2017 at Chandigarh.

The unique event is designed to inspire the participants and provide them with a 360 degree perspective on Skill Development with a host of exciting panel discussions on the subject.

ASSOCHAM, with its 120 years of excellence shall host the country’s brightest minds who would divulge the nuances of Skill Development required in the present globally competitive scenario. The event shall supplement our efforts to create and nurture an ecosystem emanating great sense of workmanship, competitiveness and responsibility.

We at Assocham- India strongly believe that a holistic approach is required to plan for a development strategy for transformation and strengthening the economy of India by creating Job opportunity through self employment program through Skill development program to achieve the impossible well within a period 2-3 years.


  • To ensure that the youth are trained at the highest global standard in order to enable them to access employment opportunities in India and abroad.
  • Establish international exchanges and outreach programs for trainers, administrators, student and farmers as well to promote international collaborations.
  • To address the gap in the theoretical and practical knowledge of our skill landscape.


  • Ministry of Technical Education and industrial Training may consider reviewing the working of its institutes, boards and department with regards to its past achievements and future road map, strategic frame work to achieve its vision -2022.
  • Skill gap survey needs to be conducted to identify the sectors with highest industrial demand of skilled manpower required in collaboration with industry to strengthen “Make in India” a great success.
  • Developing strategic partnership with the developed countries for transforming India’s economy on high growth through Smart production, protection, post production handling techniques including value addition, processing and marketing skills.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the commercially profitable industry with a view of sustainable income.
  • Focusing on the development of manufacturing and services sector by strengthening infrastructure for providing technical education through skill development to create employable skilled workforce for employment enhancing, accelerating growth and economic development of rural masses.
  • Empower people specially youth to develop their full capacity to seize employment and business opportunities through industrialization and globalization.
  • Everyone is talking about Smart cities and seldom people talk about Smart Villages- To empower the rural youth with requisite skill sets for employability.



  • A Great Opportunity of networking with industry leaders
  • Participations from different sectors like IT, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Healthcare etc.
  • The learning environment will encourage delegates to exchange experiences, ideas and practices from their own experiences
  • Get inspiration from success stories shared by speakers and others you meet
  • Keep up with your competition by learning the latest strategies in the global scenario
  • Conceptualize your own new business
  • Keep up to date with trends in the industry
  • Business representation & collaborations
  • Enables you to reach out to prospective society with renewed confidence

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Ms. Surjit Kaur: +91 98159 56743


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